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"Compared to the old approach - Over 250 clients have, on average, banked close to $5,000 more from the sale of their property. "

"We can honestly say this is the first time the agents actions matched the words..." 
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“It wasn’t just the huge savings in commission we knew we would be making, it was also their outstanding professionalism and their sage advice.”
Neville & Kay
Hello, my name is Carl Slade the founder of Restate

If you want to sell your property and are serious about ending up with the most in your pocket... then you are in the right place.

Because in a nutshell - at Restate - that is what we do: 

Help you to sell for the highest price, while also reducing your selling expenses. Leaving the most in your pocket.

But to do that, we had to change the way we operate.

You see traditionally, real estate operates as a commission-only sales industry.

And over the years I’ve found that that model creates several major problems:


A ‘Conflict of Interest’ between whats best for you (as our client), and whats best for us (as your agent). Often the right advice for you - is not so good for us.

So there’s that underlying doubt as to in who’s best interests a ‘commission-only salesperson’ is really acting?


It’s the major reason why the commission you pay needs to be so high when you sell. 

Let’s say your neighbour puts their property to market, but it’s not very well presented and they want an over the top price. After months of wallowing & turning down several fair offers, they choose not to sell and take it off the market. 

Well, with that traditional commission-only model, as the agent we’ve just lost all that time, effort, and money we spent working on their behalf.

Then you come along. You are serious about selling. Go out of your way to present your property well. Get the right strategy in place and price it realistically…. 

Which lets be honest - right there is 90% of the battle.

And because of your actions - your property sells easily with much less work and out going costs needed by us on your behalf.

The thing is, under that traditional model, we need your commission to be high enough to offset the losses from clients like your neighbour.

Effectively, genuine sellers are subsidising all the work our industry does for non-sellers. 

Which is crazy when you think about it.

The other thing I always found strange is how sellers with higher valued properties have to pay more commission than sellers with lower valued properties - for exactly the same service. 

To solve those problems, we had to totally redesign how we operate. 

Shifting from that commission-only system…

To a 'Professional Service’ model and culture… 

Think more like your solicitor, your doctor or any other respected professional.

So it’s no longer about being a pushy salespeople trying to talk you into what’s best for us. 

Instead we’re here to protect and serve you. It’s about using our knowledge & experience to your advantage.

So it’s no longer about maximising our commission. It’s about helping you maximise your profit, or how much you end with.

It also gives us the ability to offer you a choice of fairer & more transparent fee structures that are based on the actual work needed on your behalf, rather than the value of your property.

Which is much more efficient for both of us. 

We don’t lose money working for other clients, so don’t have to charge you more to offset those loses. 

Meaning you only pay for the work needed on your behalf, not anybody else’s.

Giving you the ability to significantly reduce your selling costs with your own smart decisions. 

Because if you choose to have it well presented and realistically priced, your property will sell easier and you pay less fees. 

Which is how we think it should be.

It also means we can now tailor our fees in several different ways to better suit each individual clients needs, rather than that one size fits all approach.

We’ve tested and perfected this new model with the help of over 250 clients, and in almost every single case it’s outperformed that old model on the metric that really counts - dollars left in your pocket.

On average, each of those clients have banked close to $5,000 more than if they’d engaged us on that old model.

Just like our way of thinking, how we operate, and the fees structures we offer …

Our first client meeting is also very different from that typical approach.

Instead of turning up under the guise of a “free appraisal” - gushing about your property & leading you down the “tell you what you want to hear” trap… 

We take a professional approach.

First we ask questions.

Because like your doctor, we can’t possibly advise the best prescription for you, until there’s an accurate diagnosis. 

Because ‘one size does not fit all’. You’re all unique people, with different personal needs, and a unique property. The best solution for you is often totally different from the next client.

To be clear, our approach doesn’t suit everybody. It’s designed for those who want to more control over how much they end up with.

And if we’re not a good fit, then why try to force a square peg into a round hole? If we don’t believe we’re the best agent to help you - we’ll tell that you up front.

Sometimes clients don’t like what we have to say. But at least it’s the truth. Good news, bad news - it doesn’t matter - we will only tell you the truth.

And I could be wrong but I like to believe that most people appreciate the truth.

So if you’re that type of person. If you want genuine professional advice and you want to end up with the most possible in your hand, then it all starts with an initial consultation.

There’s zero cost involved. And there’s no obligation to become a client - not for you or us.

It’s simply an opportunity for us to meet, discuss your needs, and figure out if we are the best fit to help you. If not, no harm done. At least you’ll be armed with the truth. 

And the up front promise from us - there’ll be no sales pitch, no hollow promises, and definitely no pressure. Just professional advice.

So if that sounds like you, and you’d like to personally discuss the sale of your property… 

Either pick up the phone & give us a call, or click the button on this page to schedule a personal consultation.

It will open a confidential questioner - that’ll help us to better understand your needs before we talk. 

We’ll then be in touch for quick chat on the phone. Then if we’re both comfortable moving forward, we can book a time to meet in person.

Until then, thanks for watching and we look forward to meeting you soon.
P.S. If you own a property in an area without an approved Restate Advisor - then you may wan’t to sign up for the home-sellers seminar. There is a link at the top of this page where you can watch the first 14 lessons for free. Regardless of where you live, it will help you keep more of your equity where it belongs.

Carl Slade
As a 3rd generation agent with over 25yrs personal experience - he woke up to how the traditional business model is broken - needlessly striping clients of equity & agents of respect. He vowed to fix it - founding Restate Ltd & developing a new approach. Since then with the help of over 250 clients we've tested it. And almost every single time it’s outperformed the status quo on the metric that counts - $$ left in our clients pocket. Now we're sharing it with the world. So even home-sellers outside of our market area can help themselves with this knowledge.
"Not only did we get $53,000 more than we were happy to accept, Restate saved us close to $7,000 in fees." - Beryl & Bob
“At first the consultant model and potential savings on commission sounded too good to be true – but it was the best decision we made when it came to selling our house. Carl and the team were professional and supportive. The advice they gave was spot on and it felt like they were really for us as a family through the whole process. We ended up selling the house for a great price so quickly that if we’d gone with anyone other than Restate we would have been kicking ourselves!” - Maya & Dave
"The result speaks for itself - with our home selling for $11,000 over asking price and saving $4,800 on our fees" - Jess & Dan
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